We found Kidz Therapy Zone in March 2020…we all know what that means, the kick start of the pandemic. My son is older than most of their clients, at the time he was soon to be 17 and stands 6 feet tall. My son challenged his OT for a couple sessions, at times using aggressive behavior. She stuck with I’m, and they quickly formed a bond and she has been his best buddy…All of the staff at Kidz Therapy Zone are courteous and professional and they maintain a high level of cleanliness. We were blessed to have found KTZ as our home for therapy.


KTZ helped my daughter the summer of her second year in college. Her workload became a little overwhelming and we had heard that IM could help. She came in and was evaluated and started the IM program — she completed about 7 weeks. She reported better focus with deep reading and was able to retain more information. She actually enjoyed the program — the therapists made it fun and challenging for a collage age student! Thanks!

My daughter had surgery on her thumb due to a sport’s injury. The OT’s at KTZ got her flexible and range of motion back to her thumb in no time. Great work KTZ! Thanks!

My son had trouble with his “th” and “s” sounds — by 13 he still had some struggles. His friends would tease him about it. We came to KTZ and within 5 months he met all goals and mastered both sounds. He got great encouragement from the therapists and staff. KTZ did amazing work with him!

In high school my son ran with cross country and pulled his IT band beside his knee. The orthopedic doctor referred him for PT — the physical therapist was able to get him back on track with rest protocol and proper stretching. He was able to finish the senior year season! Thank you KTZ

We have been coming to KTZ for over 3 years! The therapists are amazing and so patient! Our favorite memory is writing to our penpal. We got to meet a new friend and work on handwriting!


There are also days where I think [my child] probably won’t communicate much as he’s been up since 4:45 AM or 5:15 AM, but Mrs. Kim always proves otherwise. She always has him dart out the door to us so excited to show off his little toy and tell us what he’s working on. I live for the days she tells me he chitchatted nonstop wit her on those days he didn’t get much sleep. She has a way with him, with all her students, that’s for sure.

We love Kim, Marcella, and Lynda so much. They’ve become a part of our family pretty much and we all look forward to seeing them every week! KTZ has changed our lives and [my son] has grown so much! Thank you!


We love KTZ! Everyone is always friendly and kind to us! [my daughter] started here with little to no capabilities and communication and has made leaps and bounds! I credit this to Heather (OT) and Kim (ST)! They are amazing and do not know what we would do without them. They say it takes a village, and us choosing KTZ as part of [my child’s] village was one of the best decisions we have ever made.


[my child] has changed tremendously with the help of KTZ and her wonderful therapists, Ashley and Lindsay. She’s able to grab things on her own. She’s trying to pull herself up, something the doctor said she possibly wouldn’t be able to do. I appreciate this help. Without the help of KTZ and her therapists, I can’t imagine where [my daughter] would be. Thanks KTZ and Ashley and Lindsay!


My 6 month old son enjoyed his first visit to his occasional therapy. The front desk & his therapist was super sweet to Alexander. He smiled the whole time. I forgot his Pacifer & the therapist was good to distract him. I think he even forgot about his Pacifer. He normally would scream without it. He didn’t scream at all during his visit. He was happy the whole time. He even smile when we was heading home. He was being fussy in the car seat cause he didn’t want to leave lol. At his doctor appointments he is normally ready to go home. So I know he really enjoyed going here. He can’t wait for his next appointment.

Sarah Tharp

Our 6 yr old has been a client for over 2 years now for OT services. If it were not for Ms. Lindsay and her her amazing help and hard work, our boy would be where he is today. He loves going each week and beams with pride when he has an accomplishment. The entire staff is amazing, friendly and helpful. We are so happy to be a part of the KTZ family!

Shawna Kuntz

We love KTZ in our family so much that we went back with our youngest son after we had graduated with our oldest. They are genuine and deeply care about the kids growing and learning. They take the time to answer question and concerns. We love kids therapy zone!!!

Irene Salazar